When we started AfterDark Technologies, the idea was to help enable busy athletes to play their favorite sports anywhere, anytime without the hassle and cost of finding or renting a lit field.  But once we started running test games with organized leagues, we realized that we had created something bigger – a new game, a new experience for flag footballers utilizing fiber optics and interactive LED technologies.

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Heard on the Field

Our testers have included some of the largest flag football meetups in America – teams from coast to coast – as well as leagues in Europe. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some people have described it as playing flag football in the world of TRON.

It was the most fantastically surreal experience, akin to alien flag football. You never knew who your teammates were, never mind being able to identify opposition; just floating shapes in the darkness zipping around.
— Mike S. Sheffield Vipers
We had such an awesome time. The game felt so futuristic and our fans can’t wait to play again.
— Tanisha J., Texas Sports & Social Club

Players who have participated in our test program agree; while it is similar to traditional flag football, it creates a new and unique experience for teams.

At first having the AfterDark gear meant that we didn’t have to have to limit ourselves to just day games. But then once we started trying out the gear, it kind of changed the game. It’s different than traditional flag football. It’s almost like creating a new sport.
— Matt R., Social Boston Sports
I think the appeal of night flag would be more than just a novelty one-off. A winter night league would draw a lot of interest when most have to resort to indoor or floodlit options.
— Alan B., Newcastle Blackhawks
A fantastic experience, which has taken a much loved game and taken it to another dimension.
— Mike S., Sheffield Vipers

Teams love the equipment and describe how quickly they adjusted to a new flag footballing experience.

There was a short adjustment period while my eyes got used to the lighted football and fiber optic jerseys. But once I got the hang of it, it was amazing! Tons of fun for nighttime play.
— Kevin K., Social Boston Sports
Once dusk fell, the different colored sideline cones gave us an awesome setting for a game of football.
— Alan B., Newcastle Blackhawks
Having what looked like a flaming cannonball fired at you out of the darkness was incredible, and I was amazed that it was quite easy to catch.
— Mike. S., Sheffield Vipers
The QB visual rush countdown is the best way to enforce a rushing timer with no room for speedy counting.
— Andrew C., Social Boston Sports

Onlookers are intrigued when they see people playing after dark.

It was like moths to a flame. Once people saw us playing with the gear they were all in and wondered how they could join the team.
— Niket A., Babson College
The equipment is well made and comfortable. It can provide a fantastic visual for spectators and for those on the pitch.
— Andrew G., Glasgow Hornets
We were having such great time with the equipment; we didn’t realize it was after midnight. Being Scotland, naturally the police showed up. Once they realized it was a group of lads playing sports and not some mad wee ‘dafties,’ they didn’t care. They thought it was amazing too!
— TJ M., Dunbeth Dragons

We are excited to bring the AfterDark Flag Football experience to the masses through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

About our AfterDark Flag Football Kits

Each AfterDark Flag Football kit will contain fiber optic jerseys that light the players and flags, LED cones to define the field and end-zones, and fully inflated LED-powered football – all packaged in a great duffel bag for easy travel.

We’ll be offering kits for 1v1 up to full teams of 7v7. And if you’re playing a game with a kit for 4v4 and upwards, there’s a spare jersey for the referee.

Enter to Win

Our nighttime flag football uses advanced fiber-optics and interactive LED technologies to light up the players, footballs, flags and the field.