We're pleased to share an upcoming event at MIT - the first nighttime flag football game between MIT and Boston University.  Please see the news alert below - and if you're in the area then please come and join us on Sunday night, details below.

News release: 

AfterDark Technologies hosts first nighttime flag football game between Boston University and MIT

AfterDark Technologies, a sports-technology company dedicated to changing how and when sports are played, is hosting the first nighttime flag football game between Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston University.

 MIT and Boston University represent some of the most respected colleges in New England — and the world. Boston University is one of the largest colleges in New England, boasting 33,000 students from more than 130 countries; while MIT, a university which was founded with a focus and dedication to applied science and engineering, which have since expanded to 32 departments, has a student population of more than 11,300 — comprising 4,500 undergraduates and 6,800 graduate students from across the globe.

 The two colleges’ intramural players will play at MIT on MIT Field Area C, close to 120 Vassar St., Cambridge, on Sunday, October 25, starting at 7.30 p.m. Students, local sports fans, visitors, and technology enthusiasts are invited to watch the game, which will be two 20-minute halves.

AfterDark Technologies seeks to solve the problem of a game ending due to fading daylight with a unique nighttime flag football kit. Incorporating side-firing fiber optics and interactive LEDs, the kit includes lighted jerseys and flags; cones to mark the playing field and end zones; an interactive visual rush countdown on the quarterback’s jersey; and a brightly lit football.

 Launched on Kickstarter, the kit has been prototyped and extensively tested by adults, college students and children aged 6 and up. Test partners include Social Boston Sports, Texas Sports and Social Club, and Santa Monica Beach Flag Football; as well as intramural teams including Babson College and Assumption College, and the children’s league New England Flag Football.

 The kit was designed by Dan Wilson, a flag football player who found it frustrating when games would be stopped short due to the approach of darkness. “It’s frustrating to run out of daylight or to incur the expense and hassle of finding a lighted field,” said Wilson, of AfterDark Technologies.  “We started developing the AfterDark Nighttime Flag Football kit so we could play after dusk and into the evening, but as we have tested the kit and gathered user feedback, we have also uncovered how much fun nighttime gaming is — for players and for spectators — and how much it changes the dynamic of the game.”

Wilson concluded: “We’ve worked with a number of test partners including colleges and intramurals, but to have the opportunity to hold the first nighttime flag football game with MIT and Boston University — two local institutions with global reputations and proven dedication to entrepreneurialism, technology and innovation, is a real thrill. I’d like to thank the intramural managers and the teams for supporting us.”