As the creator behind a nighttime gaming kit that incorporates side-firing fiber optics and interactive LEDs, I think a lot about wearables – from everyday fitness devices to how wearables are being used within different sports, such as baseball. Wearables are certainly across sports – just consider basketball. If you can’t afford to hire an NBA star to critique your play, then wearable technologies present a number of ways to improve your performance by tracking your shots and misses with wearable devices specifically designed for the court.

The Hoop Tracker is almost like having your own personal basketball coach, in that it views your shooting performance, tracks progress, and shows your strengths and weaknesses. Priced at $199, it offers a shot detector you place on the net rim and mounting pole. The device gets data wirelessly and can sense the vibration of a missed shot, as well. The device’s shooting program ensures that you practice from every area on the court, setting you up for well-rounded training.

Basketball, however, isn’t all about shots. Running speed and jumping skills are also key. Enter Nike.The company makes smart sneakers that use pressure sensors to gather data on a player’s jump heights, intensity and quickness. Working with an IOS app, the information on the fancy footwork goes to the player’s mobile device. Prices range in the mid-$200s.

SOLIDshot by Vibrado Technologies, meanwhile, takes wearables to the sleeve and focuses on a basketball player’s form. It traces the trajectory of the ball, analyzes the shot, instantly refines your form with simple directions, and helps build muscle memory. Slide on the sleeve and play, with immediate feedback via Bluetooth and no smartphone needed. Players can remove the sensor nodes and launder the garment sleeve. Prices in the $200 range.

So if you don’t get slam dunks every time, a number of wearables are there to get you on the right track.

If you want to find out about our wearable technology project, nighttime gaming and how we want to change flag football – a game which has been largely unchanged in almost a century – then please read more about our kit.