We’re all for technology and sports, which is why we developed the AfterDark Nighttime Kit.  But it’s not just football - wearable technology has rounded many sports' bases.  In baseball, for example, there are wearable devices that track batter’s performance and movements that could lead to injury. Here are some innovations that are making a buzz out on the field these days:

Armed with the mThrow. This device looks to curb pitchers’ elbow injuries caused by tearing of the ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL, which usually requires surgery — and keeping a player out of the game for a season. The wearable compression sleeve has a small sensor over the elbow that tracks a pitcher’s arm movements and other data. The data is sent to an app that calculates the stress caused by torque on the UCL. Identifying trends in workload that lead to UCL problems is still in the works by maker Motus Global, in Massapequa, N.Y. The mThrow, which is about $149, is essentially a step up from video monitoring, with great potential in application.

Batter up! It’s Zepp. Zepp is a device that affixes to your bat to help you recognize pitches, improve your speed and time, and build your hitting performance. It monitors your swing and feeds back to an app on your phone via Bluetooth. Athletes can choose performance goals and work on line drives, creating an efficient swing, adding speed and power, or staying long in the zone. Priced at about $150, there are also versions also available for golf, softball and tennis.

 FITGuard’s got your back … and head. A sensor mouth guard product of Force Impact Technology, this innovation helps determine how severe a blow to the head might be, by monitoring an athlete’s injury. It does this by collecting data in the mouth that is in sync with the center of gravity in the brain. After an event, the $50 mouthpiece displays a color-coded LED signal. Biometrics, paired with peak linear and angular acceleration data, helps FITGuard play a role to determine potential concussion.

Even if you’re just sitting in the dugout - or on the bleachers - fitness wearables help improve your performance so you can be at the top of your game. 

Our fiber optic and LED-powered kit, the AfterDark Flag Football Kit, is now available on Kickstarter - check it out to see what wearable technology is bringing to nighttime gaming!