Wearable sports technology almost seems, in some ways, like another dimension to a video game. In our version of wearables, technology lights up the nighttime field and players describe it as ‘playing in the world of Tron.’

For wearable technologies in fitness tracking, the player is us, in real time, working against evil weight gain and inactivity. There are a number of wearable innovations in this area. For example, Chinese startup Xiaomi has created the Mi Band, which in one year, Xiaomi says, has become the second-largest seller in wearables, behind FitBit. It tracks a user’s calories burned, distance moved, and steps taken … even sleep activity. The device is waterproof, can recharge up to 30 days, and has an attractive price point at $14.99, which the company manages by selling it only online.

Timex Sport by Ironman, meanwhile, is a smartwatch that goes a bit beyond the weekend warrior and is more geared for an ultra-athlete. It runs between $40 and $70, tracks sporting times or fitness, speed, distance, and has GPS capability. And don’t let the name fool you: it comes in versions for men and women.

The Sensoria Technology Smart Sock bring runners fitness technology where they need it most — in their feet! Runners wear socks anyway, so why not make them high-tech? The sock is full of textile pressure sensors to track and improve cadence and foot landing in real time. With many running injuries due to improper foot striking and other issues, there are safety considerations here, too. The company website offers a pair of the socks plus a performance-tracking anklet for $199.

Whether you’re banding up, putting on a watch or slipping into some socks, technology can be with you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

Though if you’re looking for a more immersive, fiber-optic and interactive LED-inspired way to engage with wearable technology, then check out our AfterDark Flag Football Kit which we have extensively tested with intramurals, adult leagues, and kids, and have recently launched on Kickstarter.