At AfterDark we’re all about technology, sports and changing how – and when – people play sports.  We’ve designed our AfterDark Flag Football Kit and tested it with a range of field testers including adult flag football leagues, weekend social leagues, intramurals, kids playing in backyards, and leagues that play on beaches.

We worked hard to perfect the kit design, gathering feedback and using prototypes that we built using CAD/CAM, 3D printing along with other less-scalable ways to produce hardware. Now we are field tested – in every sense of the word – and know that we need to scale up, and to move to production on a larger scale through injection molding.

We looked at many different options to raise funds, but we knew that crowdfunding was the place for us to start for a number of reasons:

  • Crowdfunding is direct and enables us to speak, share our story and to connect directly with relevant audiences – from parents that want to support us and pledge for a two- or four-player kit for their kids to play with in their back yard, to leagues that want to introduce a new way to play flag football
  • We’re big believers in innovation and in mechanisms that support it - crowdfunding, in each of its guises, certainly does that
  • As a start-up that wants to be in control of our company direction and future strategy, crowdfunding opens financial possibilities while letting us stay in control of our own business
  • Rewards-based platforms, such as Kickstarter, enable us to thank our supporters with the best means we know how – by sharing our technology and introducing our supporters to nighttime gaming!
  • It’s engaging and fun!

This is our first crowdfunding campaign and we’d like to thank everybody who has supported us in the opening weekend of and everyone who joins us as the campaign runs.  If you’d like to support us then please check out our Kickstarter page.

AfterDark Flag Football is now on Kickstarter!